MWEB Forums: The Search for the Original Programmer.

MWEB Forums: The Search for the Original Programmer.
via MWEB Forums: The Search for the Original Programmer..


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  1. As Strato of Lampsacus and Thales of Miletus note, we need not posit intent behind natural forces, but that is what that original programmer would be-divine intent. Science and philosophy make the natural revelation that no intent of anykind drives natural forces. They themselves are the Prime Mover,despite Aquinas!
    To prattle as he does takes the road of logicide in that he denies that natural forces themselves do all the work of Nature when science reveals otherwise. He makes thus a bombastic descripton of reality as Paul Edwars would so state! His thinking is no more than reduced animism behind one grand spirit behind Nature instead of the many behind natural forces but nevertheless still animistic-superstitious.
    Per Lamberth’s Malebranche Reductio, Nicholas Malebranche makes a reduction to absurdity of Aquinas’s position in that the former maintains that He is the actual initiator of actions instead of other teleological beings! No, we and other natural forces ourselves do the execution of those actions.
    That’s the gist of the supernatural- phony intent!
    To aver that He nevertheless uses teleonomy would be to endorse the teleological Omphalos argument that He decieves with apparent teleonomy when He acts. John Hicks finds that He leaves matters ambiguous as to whether He exists or not so as not to deprive us of free will- the eptistimic distance argument. No, science reveals no ambiguity for His intent, and so He cannot intend any creation, design, miracles and so forth, and lacking that intent in the Cosmos, He cannot be Himself and thus cannot exist.
    Yet, people rely on the arguments from happiness-purpose and from angst to instantiate that we need Him as that divine intent and thus, the make arguments from personal incredulity and from ignorance to instantiate Him.

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